Glazed Ham and Pineapple Mini Skewers

The snack holiday of the year is almost upon us, the Super Bowl! Patriot and Seahawk fans alike can enjoy these delicious bite size morsels. For big parties, I’m a huge fan of making dishes that don’t require any utensils, so toothpicks for the win! Preparing food on toothpicks does take a little extra time, but I like to think I’m saving on the clean up later and ensuring there will be forks and spoons to last for other dishes.

The original recipe prepared this dish as kebabs and cooked on a grill. I probably would have prepared the same way for a small get together where there is less food overall and a person may want to eat a whole kebab, but I wanted to make these a quicker bite and I also didn’t have access to a grill at the moment, plus love my oven. 🙂

I used fresh pineapple, but canned pineapple chunks are a great substitute. I enjoy cutting pineapple and Serious Eats has a great knife skills post on “How to Cut a Pineapple Like a Badass” to get the most out of your pineapple.

For the ham, you’ll want thick slices so that you still get a nice juicy bite after grilling or broiling. The kind of thin-sliced ham for sandwiches will become too dry. My grocery has a deli area with whole hams, I asked for single 1 lb. piece and cut it to my desired thickness at home.

Total Time: ~ 35 minutes (Prep – 10 minutes | Assembly – 10 minutes | Cook – 15 minutes)

Ingredients (makes approximately 50 mini skewers):
1 pineapple, trimmed and cut into chunks
1 lb ham, thickly sliced and cut into squares
½ cup butter, melted
Âľ cup brown sugar, packed
2 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon imitation coconut extract


  1. Alternate ham squares and pineapple chunks on your toothpicks. I sandwiched a piece of pineapple between two pieces of ham. Place on a cookie sheet.
  2. Turn on broiler to high. Broil cookie sheet for about 7 minutes on each side until edges brown. Everything is already cooked so up to you how toasty you like your skewers.
  3. In a medium sized mixing bowl combine melted butter, brown sugar, honey and coconut extract.
  4. Warm the glaze in the microwave for about 30 seconds and then lather it over the warm broiled pineapple and ham skewers.


Recipe adapted from Made from Pinterest

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